We are a community of people who have found a priceless treasure in knowing the living God through Jesus Christ and are seeking to follow him in a wholehearted and authentic way.  His presence with us brings healing and fullness to our lives, and our hope is that our city and the world would experience him face to face.

We meet Sunday mornings to worship, celebrate, and learn together.  We also meet throughout the week in smaller groups around the city.  We believe the church is more than just a building where we gather, the church is comprised of the followers of Jesus.  Through our encounters with God we are able to bless his people, and through our communion with his people we are better able to bless our God.

The Vancouver Vineyard began as a prayer meeting in the Fish’s home as a group of believers met regularly to pray for Vancouver and the surrounding area. In January of 1992 we began Sunday morning gatherings in various public schools for eight years. In 2000 we moved into our present facility on East Reserve Street.